I really want pizza but idk if erik is bringing food home bc he hasnt texted me back smh


Aggressive guy won’t leave you alone? Give them this number (669) 221-6251

A new service is angling to help out women worried about how their rejection will be handled by overly-aggressive gentleman callers. It’s called the Feminist Phone Intervention, and it’s a brilliantly simple trick for socially active.

It works like this: The next time you give a man your number to get him to leave you alone, use this one: (669) 221-6251, courtesy of the folks over Feminist Intervention. When someone calls that number, they’ll reach a computer-recorded message of a bell hooks quotation — so you can “protect your privacy while dropping some feminist knowledge when your unwanted ‘suitor’ calls or texts,” the website explains. It works for texts, too. 

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Francesco Tortorella


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Try eating it less? You might just be eating too much of it lately.

i’ve been eating no more than usual of anything so idk i’m hoping i can meet with someone tomorrow since it’s my day off 

you could just buy some digestive enzymes, those usually work for me and i’m pretty badly gluten intolerant. but i still eat wheat sometimes cause i like it omg

i’ll have to try that out! but omg what if i’m not gluten intolerant like i’m scared to think of what could be making me feel this crappy omg

Ok so I think I may be developing a sensitivity to gluten like I have all the common symptoms for it that I can find and idk what to do now??? I need to make an appointment with a nutritionist I guess or something but I’m freaking out omg I’m going to be horrible at eating gluten free if That’s what’s happening….gdi


white people be like oh my god what’s happening in ferguson is horrible I’m so glad my imperialistic european country that colonized 3/4s of the world or  white colony that gained independence and proceeded to kill off the native population doesn’t have institutionalized racism like those crazy americans

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i hate every capitalist i see

from bourgeois A to bourgeoisie 

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at the club


"hey my friend thinks ur cute"

*looks over*


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Tonight in Ferguson, Mo. Even CNN is calling out police brutality.

We are watching history unfold. Do not stand down. Spread the word.

No justice, no peace.

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More birds! Been trying to learn how to paint with gouache lately. Its really fun! Gouache has a super nice matte finish to it.

You can buy them in my shop here!

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